Pilot - Curiosity Brought Me Here

It is quite wonderful that almost everything starts with writing. It's the base of theories, novels, films, music and even revolutions. Just the process of writing itself activates something deeply, it must; you suddenly begin to flow in a very interesting way, thoughts come and go and it can transform into something magical.

This is why I’ve decided to nurture the use of language and reflection, in the areas where my passions reside.

“Verbalizing design is another act of design” -Kenya Hara

Certainly the main act of verbalizing ideas requires you to associate them with specific words and meaning, and in much cases, to isolate them for understanding. Simply the act of trying to apprehend or put them into language for an external person to appreciate, forces you to see from a different perspective in order to get or provide clarity.

Beyond this wish to explain and understand, is an even deeper one, which is the desire for the unknown. We are born explorers, curious and fascinated by the world around us. It is human nature. A step further from our basic needs (physiological needs, safety needs, our need for love, belonging and steem) ― we come to the need of self-actualization.

Despite this reality, we sometimes get caught up on a path that is strictly driven by the satisfaction of these basic needs, turning our lives into dim routines that slowly vanish our inner light. To battle this, we must intend to recover our essence by cultivating a sense of curiosity that lasts through life.

One way is to promote the capacity to be marveled and intrigued by common things, exploring this in a way that it sparks our imagination. One topic I've been recently interested in is the need to ask ourselves more questions; we are simply too accustomed to everything being as it is.

But why is it this way and not other? 

Is there a way to improve it?


Even though the status quo makes things appear unchangeable, they have actually not been this way for so long. The world is constantly changing and we can actually do something about it. We must suppose we have the power for change,  the power to go beyond the range of the possible.

If you don’t believe any of this, check this inspiring video: Why You Can Change The World from The School of Life. It is very touching and beautifully made.


There are infinite ways of looking at things; some remain undiscovered. To stimulate those new ways of seeing is to cultivate our cognitive and perceptual skills. As a consequence, an enhancement of the relationship between environments, objects and human beings will occur.

In this order of ideas, I will slowly start to dive in the subjects of design, human nature and art. I believe that these are strongly drawn to each other, sometimes even inseparable. Both art and design portray the meaning of human life through the process of making. They represent an expression of individual and society, where the relationships are closely intertwined.

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." ― Charles Eames

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." ― Charles Eames

Of course this search is extremely broad, but utterly interesting as well. Beyond a blog, this will be a space for exploration, a path to deepen in thoughts and creative process. Besides that, it will hopefully be a way to serve inspiration and value for others. After all, there is always an enrichment in the act of sharing. 

So, see you on the way!