What to Gift the Designer in Your Life This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. If you're planning your gifts, and you don't want to give the special designer in your life another notebook (even though we love them), I prepared a small list of fun things to buy.

Or you can treat yourself too, it's Christmas anyway! 

  • The Modern Architecture Game:


If your loved one happens to be an architect like me, this board game will be incredibly fun! 

The goal is simple: To reach the heart of the board before anyone else. This is done by moving your way through questions in six categories: Visuals, Architect, Project, Style, Influence and Quote.

The board is made out of a construction drawing and the game pins are miniatures of six famous buildings.

Wearing Le Corbusier’s’ glasses isn’t only for the spectacle but also keeps the player at turn from reading the answers on the game card. Form follows function.
— NEXT Architects

You can buy it on Amazon

  • A new watch:

Time is a crucial element for design and life, and a reminder of this can be a lovely present you can carry around with you.

Over here a few links to some amazing brands:









  • A nice and safe backpack / briefcase:


The Bobby Bizz backpack by XD Design can be a great option for keeping our commute safe and comfortable around the city. 

I love that it is dual function so it can transform easily from a backpack to a suitcase, and has great features like an integrated lock, anti-cut design, and a usb charging solution. 

You can buy it on XD Design's website.



  • The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board:

the obsessive chef cutting board.jpg

We all know designers are obsessed with attention to detail - now they can bring that into their cooking. With this bamboo board they can dice, julienne, and allumette those vegetables to their heart’s content.

You can find it on Amazon

  • Something to nap on:

Whether we didn't get the right amount of sleep, or we want to take a nap to refresh our ideas, this gift will be highly valued among designers.

You can choose from different options in Ostrichpillow's website.

  • A Fidget Cube:


Fidget spinners were 2017's toy craze. For someone who could use some help relieving stress through motion the Fidget Cube can be a nice gift. 

Studies have suggested that fidgeting can improve focus and increase productivity, and this tool gives you 6 different options: click, glide, flip, breathe, roll and spin. Also, some of its features are silent, so you can fidget discretely. No more pen clicking, please.

You can buy it on Antsy Labs' website.


  • The new collection of UNIQLO: SPRZ NY EAMES:


SPRZ NY (Surprise New York) items are inspired by famed and influential artists of our time and include specially designed products like T-shirts, outerwear, innerwear, and more. This season's Eames collection is part of UNIQLO's ongoing collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York under the SPRZ NY project. 

You can buy them in UNIQLO's website.

  • A fun book:


Books are always a great gift.

I selected this one from my wish list because the title is catchy and I loved the topic. It also has good reviews, and it seems like something fun that can be read on one sitting.

It's a guide to loosening up, showcasing examples of imperfection and failure across a broad range of creative forms, including art, design, photography, architecture and product design, to inspire and encourage creatives to embrace and celebrate mistakes.

You can buy it on Amazon.


Which one was your favorite? Anything else you would like to get this Christmas? I would love to know about it in the comments below :)