It's not you. It's bad doors.

It's not you. It's bad doors.

Every one of us can relate to the experience of approaching confidently to a door and end up feeling dumb because you did the opposite of what you where supposed to do to open it. 

Duh. It says clearly says PUSH on the sign, doesn't it? 

But the thing is, we should not be worrying about doors. We can't just go around reading every label on our environment. What about it's shape? What about it's details? What about it's implicit message? It should be easier.

In fact, if you and other people continually get it wrong, it’s a good sign that it’s a really bad door. And we actually have a term for it: Norman door. 

A Norman door is a poorly designed door that confuses or fails to give you an idea whether to push or pull. It was named after Don Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things, who explored the phenomenon.

To deepen in this subject Roman Mars teamed up with Joe Posner of Vox to interview none other than Don Norman himself to bring you the story of terrible doors.