Gastronomical Landscapes

Gastronomical Landscapes

Design goes beyond objects, spaces and visuals, we can take it to daily activities, such as eating. In the experimentation of its applicability in various areas I got interested in a Design for Food course (ELISAVA) and it has been one of the most creative / fun things I have participated in recently, so I will share one of my favorite activities.

The guide of this assignment required the use of tools in an unexpected way, to create a food preparation. I had no idea of where to start and besides that, my skills in the kitchen were pretty average compared to my chef and culinary expert classmates. I was clearly doomed (okay, maybe not, but that was my evident conclusion at first).

After several sketches and research, considering my background in architecture school, I decided to take advantage of this and explore a combination of culinary and 3d model making techniques.  So I wondered:

Is it feasible to recreate the procedure of model-making, using food?